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About Fountain Kinetics

Fountain Kinetics designs water art fountains and water features for home, office, and commercial environments.

For built-in indoor and outdoor projects we can design, engineer, specify and provide components for a water feature project and oversee construction. We can either work with your contractors or with experienced contractors and artisans of our own choosing. We also can work on a consulting basis to architects, landscape architects, and builders.

Gary Fisher co-founded Fountain Kinetics in 2003 and is now its principle member. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering with Department Distinction from UCLA and has a broad background in engineering, art, and design. He has been involved in fountain design and water feature engineering for several years and holds a number of utility and design patents some which relate directly to the fountain industry. Outside of his technical areas of expertise, Gary has exhibited his fine-art photography in galleries in California; exhibited holograms in California and Arizona; co-produced museum exhibits; and shown his art fountains through art gallery venues in the United States. He also designs fountains specifically for their sound spectrum to help persons cope with tinnitus. Detailed descriptions of these tinnitus aids can be found at our Sound Fountains site.

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