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Curved Waterwall Model with Programmed Flow Control

curved waterwall maquette


This is a small operational model of a large waterwall fountain installation. The platform on which the wall is supported is intended to be shallow to facilitate waves rebounding from the edges of the platform as the fountain operates. The waterwall is curved in a slight arc and has a linear weir in proximity to the top of the concave side of the wall. Wall thickness is purposely kept narrow in relation to the width and height of the wall; this gives the visual impression of a thin arc without bringing attention to the manner in which water is delivered to the weir.

Output of the wall is controlled by a microcontroller-based drive. Control electronics can be supplied to make the fountain responsive to an environmental soundscape; alternatively, the fountain can respond to viewer presence and/or dynamic proximity of viewers to the wall (i.e. by employing ultrasonic ranging). In its simplest form, the fountain can run completely under program control.
The fountain is preferably fabricated in stainless steel.

Novelly, the curvature of the wall allows a variety of flows to be generated without water splashing or dropping from its intended path.

curved water wall maquette video

Water wall maquette under program control
(click image to view flash video)


design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2006-2013 Gary Fisher

copyright © 2006-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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