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Islands tm Water Sculpture

Islands Water Sculpture

Islandstm Water Sculpture
18" x 12" x 5"



Having roots in the practice of Suiseki, this fountain was originally conceived as a dynamic water analog to a formal Japanese Zen garden. In contrast to a Zen garden where water is represented as raked patterns in sand, this fountain generates a continually changing pattern of waves that course around the rocks positioned on the water platform. Depending on the rock forms, their sizes and shapes, and the generated waves, the fountain can evoke a near or far island view in a calm or turbulent sea.

The water sculpture is elegant in it's visual simplicity. It speaks towards extending one's mind by using the fountain as a metaphor for both tranquility and perception of change.

The water sculpture's base is made from reinforced, solvent-welded black acrylic. The water platform is made of turquoise acrylic and glass. Hand selected rocks are strategically placed on the surface of the water platform to suggest islands in the sea. Hidden nozzles supply a variable flow of water to the platform - varying in rate and amplitude over time. This creates patterns of water movement around the rocks - ebbs, flows, morphing waves that interfere, coalesce, and more. The sculpture comes with a recessed leveling platform to insure that the water surface is level.

The water sculpture's behavior is controlled by a utility patented electronic controller (housed in a small separate unit). We program fixed and random variations into the control so that the sculpture appears to the viewer to not have repeating patterns. No two Islands sculptures exhibit the same sequence of flow variations - thus each is unique.


Water Feature Applications

This fountain concept can be be realized as a large-scale indoor or outdoor water art installation comprising a water platform incorporating large actual rock forms or sculptural rock analogs.

Another concept that is being contemplated would involve three shallow rectangular water platforms mounted so that the water levels of each platform would be slightly above ground level; the middle platform would contain an odd number of carefully chosen rocks that would visually relate in terms of size, shape, and texture. Each of the side platforms would have abstracted rock forms cast from stainless steel that would visually contrast with the rock forms in the central platform but would conceptually tie the three platforms together. Water in each of the platforms would be dynamically varied in (not necessarily identical) synchronization. As an example, the central platform could be driven to form turbulent waves, while water in each side platform could be driven to slowly lap against the sculptural forms. This behavior could be followed by reversals in water movement with a calm center platform and turbulent side platform. Please contact us if you would like us to realize one of these concepts in a setting of your choosing.


original concept 1993 Gary Fisher
design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2007-2013 Gary Fisher
copyright © 2007-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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