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The Kinetic Belltm Fountain - a dynamic shape-shifting fountain display

kinetic bell  fountain

The Kinetic Bell Fountain
available with either movement or sound activation and Programmed Control
24" dia.x 42" h



This shape changing water bell display merges a two -foot diameter spun-copper dish, a cherry wood veneered pedestal of baltic birch ply for dimensional rigidity and stability , a precision adjustable water nozzle and pumping system, and our patented electronic controller. The result is a compelling display like nothing you have ever seen.

When operating, water exiting the nozzle forms a multitude of dynamically changing shapes. For the programmed mode we program the controller to give a sequence of slowly changing waterbell shapes interspersed with fast changing behavior. Random elements in the program keep the sequence from repeating. By switching to sound control, The Kinetic Bell also will respond to environmental sound, music or speech. The bell responds to a variety of musical styles including classical, jazz, pop, country western, hip hop, rap, and new age. You can view some of the effects by clicking on the two video links below.

The Kinetic Bell's patented electronics and submersible pumping system are low voltage for safety. The fountain is highly reliable and robust and will give years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance.


kinetic bell fountain detail kinetic bell fountain detail

Two foot diameter Kinetic Bell responding to music sample
(click image to view flash video)

Two foot diameter Kinetic Bell
fountain under program control.
(click image to view flash video)


Note this fountain is scalable up to a dish diameter of 36". A special order version can be fabricated from a variety of dish materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper; a variety of wood finishes are also available. Note that since the water bell is essentially a thin water sheet, it is not recommended for areas subject to wind.


design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2011-2013 Gary Fisher
copyright © 2011-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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