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The Rain Shower Sound Fountaintm
in Cobalt Blue Art Glass

Rain Shower Sound Fountain in Cobalt Blue Art Glass

Rain Shower Sound Fountaintm
in Translucent Cobalt Blue Art Glass
4.4." x 4.4" x 8.25"h
with 4.4 x 4.4" isolating base



The Rain Shower Sound Fountaintm was specifically designed to produce a wide spectrum sound field for providing tinnitus relief and for use as an aid to relaxation and meditation practice. While designed primarily for its auditory effects, the fountain also reads as an elegantly realized dynamic water sculpture.

The Rain Shower Fountain in Cobalt combines a reservoir of translucent cobalt blue art glass with a patent pending bubble chamber. The chamber mixes an evolving stream of air and water to add complexity to the generated sound. Polypropylene balls and an adjustable flow pump allow the characteristics of the sound generated by the fountain to be modified. The cobalt reservoir rests on a vibration insulating base of matte black finished wood and damping foam with adjustable leveling feet. The sound varies subtly over time as the ratio of bubbles in the chamber to exiting water streams change.

The Rain Shower Sound Fountain in Cobalt is one of several fountains specifically developed by us for helping tinnitus sufferers cope with "ringing in the ears." Having a sound spectrum encompassing the range of impairment of many persons with tinnitus, the fountains can aid in tinnitus habituation, residual inhibition, and masking, and can be used as an adjunct to tinnitus retraining therapy and other treatment schemes.

detail of bubble chamber

detail showing the Rain Shower bubble chamber


Rain Shower Sound Fountain in Cobalt Blue Art Glass

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utility patents pending
design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2008-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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