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Tube Fountain Model

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front elevation view at one instant of time

tube maquette under program control

Tube Maquette Under Program Control
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This is a small model for a whimsical indoor fountain installation suitable for a childrens' park or museum. Acrylic tubing is formed in a curvilinear shape. The tubing passes through floor level and is connected to a program-controlled water pumping system. This system controls liquid flow rate, ramp rate, and end-point duration over time, thus yielding a dynamically changing visual display. The behavior could also be controlled by the children themselves either by their movements (using ultrasonic technology) or by a simple joystick providing feedback to the water system.

The work reads as static sculpture when not in operation and as a dynamic whimsical sculpture when water pulses within the tube.

One extension of the above design would be a grid of equally-spaced straight tubes of differing heights with dynamic liquid levels synchronously or viewer controlled. Each tube could be optically coupled so that in an interior space or at night, the grid would pulse with light, color and movement.


concepts and design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2007-2013 Gary Fisher
copyright © 2007-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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