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Tubular Water Sculpture Model

tubular watersculpture maquette

front elevation view

tubular watersculpture maquette

top elevation view



This is a small model for a large indoor fountain installation. In the form shown, acrylic tubing is formed in a curvilinear shape and heat distressed to yield a fine network of expansion bubbles along the tube. Both ends of the tubing pass through openings at the floor level of the installation and are connected via plumbing to a recirculation system.

Novelly, air is programmatically injected into the circulating water flow at varying intervals. This "descretizes" the water flow into what appears to be regular-to-randomly spaced pulses (or plugs) of water that traverse the inside of the tube.

The work reads as static sculpture when not in operation and as a dynamic sculpture when water and air are circulated through the tube.

As an alternative to a solely acrylic tube display, the use of sections of tubing in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and acrylic would yield a visually energetic "staccato" display.


design and concept Gary Fisher
copyright © 2006-2013 Gary Fisher

copyright © 2006-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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