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Tubular Water Gap Sculpture Model

tubular water gap sculpture maquette


This is one of a number of small models for a large sculptural fountain installation. As shown, acrylic tubing is formed in a curvilinear shape and heat distressed to yield a fine network of expansion bubbles spaced along the tube. Alternatively, the tube can be fabricated in stainless steel or copper.

The tubing could be on a dedicated floor space so that viewers can walk in proximity to it; or the tubing could be surrounded by water.

In the model shown the curved tube terminates at water or floor level as shown in the model. A specially-designed spray nozzle would be embedded in the end of this curved tube.

The end of this tube is radially coincident with a mating second tube that rises above floor level - as shown in the model. Alternatively, if a water platform is provided as part of the scultpure, this second tube would terminate slightly below water level - thus creating a vortex-like effect.

In full scale operation, water would be pumped through the curved tube, exit the tube nozzle as a confined spray, and be received by the second tube. This second tube would be fitted with a mesh screen at its opening to allow only the water and/or spray to enter the tube orifice.

While not shown in the model, this second tube would communicate with a sound chamber below floor (or water) level where water would be conditioned and pumped back up the first tube.

Visually, a viewer would observe what appears at a distance to be a static sculpture; upon moving closer to the installation the "static" sculpture would be revealed, instead, to be a dynamic sound and water piece.

By dynamically varying the flow rate into the curved tube, the sound and visual appearance of the sculpture could be made to vary over time. Depending on the design of the nozzle and sound chamber, a soundscape can be pre-designed to simulate the dynamic sound spectrum of a waterfall or ocean surf. The result would be a visually powerful sound, water, and sculptural gestalt which would "read" from the near to the far field.


design and concepts Gary Fisher
copyright © 2006-2013 Gary Fisher

copyright © 2006-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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