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Wave Fountain
with three jets under program control

multi jet programmed wave fountain

Wave Fountain
with Three Jets Under Program Control
20" x 13" x 4.75"h

wave pattern on water surface wave pattern on water surface

two instances of program-generated surface waves


Rectangular surface wave generating fountain in solid walnut: The fountain has three jets aligned centrally to the long axis of the water platform. Jet outputs vary in time and intensity to generate a variety of interacting waves. The display can be choreographed to evoke and/or reinforce a given emotional state in the viewer, and can be used as an aid to contemplation, meditation, and relaxation.

The base (which serves as a reservoir) is made from solid 1/2" thick walnut internally sealed with marine resin. The water platform is made of cerulean blue acrylic and glass.

The jets are controlled by a utility patented electronic controller (housed in a small separate unit). We program fixed and random variations into the control so that the wave fountain appears to the viewer to be non-repeating.


Beyond the fountain above, the wave fountain can be scaled upward in size and can be fabricated from a variety of materials. Depending on size and materials, the fountain can be placed on a table, or elevated on a pedestal, or fabricated as an in-site installation at ground level either indoors or out. Please contact us for further information.


design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2006-2013 Gary Fisher
copyright © 2006-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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